Online magazine EmpowHer highlights the importance of being vocal and expressive when it comes to the pleasures of sex. Women’s sexual exploration and sharing these experiences with a partner is very important for both a healthy sex life and a healthy relationship. A great way for a couple to explore that sexuality is through the use of a couples product like the We-Vibe. Makers of the We-Vibe recently shared this information with CES goers in Vegas. Read more here! 

“Sex never gets old,” said Lorraine Byerley, Vice President of Marketing for Standard Innovation, whose company is creator of the We-Vibe sexual aid devices that have become widely popular among couples in over 50 countries around the world. Along with Byerley, a team of assorted contributors with The We-Vibe were on hand recently at the CES convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They discussed some of the innovative technology associated with their brand and how their products can and will revolutionize the health and wellness industry.

Couple in bed