We were featured in MORE Magazine:

we-vibe-reviews-more-magazine-the-sex-toy-honed-by-an-ottawa-housewifeNot in her wildest dreams did it ever occur to Melody Murison that she would one day be jet setting around the world selling sex toys. … Rewind to 2003 when her husband, Bruce, a closet inventor, lost his engineering job in Ottawa due to downsizing at Nortel, where Murison had also worked part-time as a training consultant. When she lost her job and Bruce got a buyout package, the couple pulled their kids out of school, rented their house and travelled the world for seven months. … Short on income and with little savings except the equity in their home, the Murisons returned to North Gower and started brainstorming. Bruce, the risk taker in the family, asked his wife what she’d think if they mortgaged their home to finance an idea he had for an invention they’d talked about in passing a few years earlier. He wanted to build a vibrator that could be worn while making love, one that both the man and the woman could enjoy, and could stimulate both the clitoris and G spot simultaneously. (Read more…)