Huffington Post Newspaper announces that the makers of We-Vibe may be bringing their products to a drugstore near you! And why not? From electric toothbrushes to razors, there is no shortage of rechargeable devices for sale in drugstores today. Why not add vibrators to the list? Read more here! 

“I don’t see why it wouldn’t be looked at in the same wholesome category” as other upscale drugstore consumer electronics, said Danny Osadca, CEO of Standard Innovation, the Ottawa-based company that makes the We-Vibe…Currently available for sale in sex-toy shops and online, the We-Vibe is a pliable, C-shaped clip. A woman can wear it snuggly around her pubic bone during sex for a little extra buzz in all the right places, and it leaves her partner plenty of space for his or her part in the missionary, and other, activity.

We-Vibe 3