BlissTree once and for all disputes the myths that surround the word masturbation. No, masturbating is not addictive, it does not permanently desensitize your vagina, and who says it’s just for singles? This National Women’s Health week, We-Vibe is here to promote sexual health and pleasure and set the facts straight. Read more here! 

Sexual stimulation releases hormones that positively affect women’s overall health and well-being and keep the vagina youthful. The vagina, like any muscle, is best kept healthy with regular exercise–if you don’t use it, you can lose it,” Dr. Minkin said in the press release released by We-Vibe. Vibrators, while not desensitizing you or making it so that you can’t orgasm without one, offer stress reduction and better moods. Plus, vibrators can keep your desire for sex alive, making you yearn to be touched. I mean, I don’t know about you, but they also sort of helped me realize what I like. That’s pretty key.

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