The Grid highlights  a ground-shaking development in the world of Canadian consumer electronics, Standard Innovation’s We-Vibe products. Read more here! 

As sex toys have quietly moved upmarket and into the mainstream, the past decade has already produced sleek designs, quieter motors, and even vibrators that work by remote control. Now, Bechthold, an engineer at Standard Innovation—who spent three decades working in military and aerospace engineering, designing everything from banking encryption to electronic countermeasures—believes we’re about to start exploring uncharted territory courtesy of what’s called “materials science”: the study of how things are put together at the molecular level, and how they can be manipulated in new ways. Bechthold foresees a brave new world where toys can move as never before, or stimulate sensitive bits using methods other than the tried-and-true vibrations. “There’s some really out-there material science being worked on,” he says. “There are materials that can twitch and move based on electrical stimulation.”

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