Online blog Sex Toys Buzz outlines the features and functions of the new Thrill by We-Vibe as its taken for a “test drive”. Similar in shape to its popular cousin, the We-Vibe, this product is described as having more of a bulbous head enabling it to sit snugly against the g-spot once inside your vagina. The blog also highlights the well-purposed other arm of the “U”, which serves as a handle to aid control, pressure and positioning of the vibrator once it’s in place.  Did the Thrill pass the test? Find out here!

Just minutes later I was squirming and twitching shouting unmentionable expletives as I came.  Your work is done “Thrill”…yes you did…This vibe hits the make in so many ways but the best one is the fact that it is so configurable that any shape of woman would find it easy to insert, wear and use.  Along with both experienced and inexperienced users.  This vibrator encourages women to experiment and find what they like best.

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