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Steven & Chris on CBC – Green Sex Tips

April 6, 2011

Sexologist Robin Milhausen guest appeared on CBC’s Steven and Chris to share tips of how to have Greener sex and suggested eco-friendly toys, like the We-Vibe. We all want a red hot sex life, but sexologist Robin Milhausen says the … read more


Sex @ 11 – We-Vibe on with Rebecca Rosenblat

November 15, 2010

[email protected] is a call-in talk show hosted by Certified Relationship & Sexuality Therapist Rebecca Rosenblat. In this episode she talks about one her favourite new discoveries, the We-Vibe! read more


Dr. Laura Berman on Dr. Oz – Your Top 3 Bedroom Boosters

November 10, 2010

The Dr.Oz episode on November 10th revealed that according to Dr. Oz’s sex survey, 58 percent of people have purchased a sex aid. He invited Dr. Laura Berman on the show to share her picks for the top pleasure-boosting products … read more


Dick and Jane Boutique – Valentine’s Gift Ideas

May 31, 2010

ROGERS Daytime features Mercedes Jones from Dick and Jane boutique in Toronto, discussing shopping ideas for Valentine’s Day, and recommending the We-Vibe. The nicest thing about it, truthfully, is that there are so many toys predominantly made to stimulate a … read more


CP24 Sex Matters TV – Everything about Sex Toys

March 4, 2010

Cynthia Loyst from Sex Matters TV on CP24 talks about the hottest toys ion the market with Cory Silverberg, does some street level surveying and heads to a trade show for more research. We-Vibe makes a cameo appearance in segment … read more


CTV News at Noon – Interview with We-Vibe Founders

February 9, 2010

Leanne Cusack interviews local We-Vibe founders Bruce and Melody Murison just after their return from the Super Bowl in Miami. Your just back from the Superbowl. Your kit or ‘swag bag’ was quite funny, you said it would enhance a … read more


NaturlineSex – We-Vibe Video Re-Mix

January 4, 2010

NaturelineSex from Spain re-mix’s some We-Vibe video and adds some style to the re-mix. read more


Ekstra – Meets the We-Vibe in Berlin

October 17, 2009

Mathilde and Tonny (from EkstraBladet TV in Denmark) learn about the We-Vibe from co-founder Melody Murison at the show in Berlin. Danish language video available at Ekstra read more


Kara-Sutra and Hollidaychild – Reviews the We-Vibe

September 10, 2009

This this episode of Sex Ed 102 from Kara-Sutra and Hollidaychild features a review of the versatile we-vibe dual vibrator. The award winning sex toy that can be worn while making love. It’s comfortable, it doesn’t hurt, it’s not big, … read more


The Alan Titchmarsh Show – Takes a Look at the We-Vibe

July 16, 2009

The We-Vibe makes an appearance on the popular Alan Titmarsh show on ITV UK as they look at new and innovative toys for sensual play. Believe it or not, it can be worn by the woman during lovemaking! read more

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