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EAN – Breaking the Mould

October 15, 2010

The EroFame show issue of EAN – European Adult News, (the leading b2b magazine for the European adult industry), ran a feature article written by Bruce Murison (inventor of the We-Vibe) about the exciting new products from the company and … read more


Sinful – A We-Vibe Review

October 10, 2010

Sinful, a Danish publication, features a flattering We-Vibe spread accurately calling the We-Vibe “the worlds most popular couples-product”: We-vibe seems at first glance not a lot, but you should definitely not be fooled by the little size. The vibrator is … read more


Femme D’aujourd’hui – 15 ans de sexe

October 1, 2010

The unique We-Vibe was born in 2008 and introduced the concept of a sex toy that can be used by a man and a woman at the same time: Un plaisir à piles: L’unique We-Vibe voit le jour en 2008 et introduce la … read more


F-Yeah Motherhood – Dear Mom: Don’t Read This Post. Love, Me

September 26, 2010

F-Yeah Motherhood reviews the We-Vibe she picked up at BlogHer: (T)his vibrator is so amazing that you’ll think “Whatever, FYM, we know you’re easy so why should we trust you? I’m mean, WE’RE not easy” but you’d totally be missing … read more


Foxy Lady Blog – Reviews the We-Vibe

September 23, 2010

The Foxy Lady Blog reviews the We-Vibe and explains why she loves it so much: I’m all for a solo clit session and giving myself a great orgasm when my guy isn’t around, but most of the time I’ll tell … read more


The Spinsterish – BUZZZZZ

September 7, 2010

The Spinsterish, a Toronto based style and culture blog, heard the news that the We-Vibe is going to be in the TIFF bags: Want to know what’s included in the official TIFF gift bag this year? The We-Vibe. Have you … read more


Sarah’s Blog of Fun – We-Vibe Review

August 16, 2010

Sarah’s Blog of Fun reviews the amazing We-Vibe: This very little vibrator packs a great wallop with 9 different settings!! What I liked best about the We-Vibe is the fact that it can be used with my Husband during normal … read more


Buzz on Vibes – A Review of the We-Vibe II

August 16, 2010

Buzz on Vibes agrees that the We-Vibe II is definitely a sex toy worth having for masturbation purposes or facilitating foreplay. With all the various vibration settings to play with, there are plenty of options to keep the user busy. … read more


Marie Claire Rio – Os melhores produtos erticos do pas, agora na sua casa

August 15, 2010

Marie Claire reviews the best erotic products in the country. In the form of a letter C, the novelty has two powerful motors, one at each end, allowing stimulation of the clitoris and G spot simultaneously (like most rabbits). (Read … read more


Diary of an Undercover Kinkster – Review: We-Vibe II

August 14, 2010

Diary of an Undercover Kinkster reviews the “absolutely amazing” We-Vibe: I could try to describe to you all the vibration patterns (of the We-Vibe II), but I’d probably fail. There are so many of them. Nine in fact. And trust … read more

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