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Mom Logic – I Got a Sex Toy for Christmas!

December 27, 2010

Mom Logic talks about the very sexy Christmas gift that she received, the We-Vibe: My husband and I tried it last night, and let’s just say this is the “gift that keeps on giving”. We can’t wait to use it … read more


Ask Dan and Jennifer: Sex Toys Review: The We-Vibe II

December 22, 2010

Pam Loveland, from Ask Dan and Jennifer, reviews the We-Vibe II, and has only nice things to say: There are very few sex toys that offer everything the We-Vibe II does – all in one sex toy. Offering both clitoral … read more


El Secreto del Amor – We-Vibe en español

December 11, 2010

read more


Sydsvenskan – Sextrender som gäller

December 3, 2010

Swedish magazine, Sydsvenskan, asked Carrie Munoz (Flirt fashion) and Mathias Loryd (My love Toys) to pick their biggest sellers and hottest products and We-Vibe is at the top of the list: We-Vibe was the sex toy of the year in … read more


Manotick/Winchester Community News – We-Vibe is Taking the World by Storm

November 18, 2010

Manotick/Winchester Community News profiles the We-Vibe and its creators: The Murisons are proud that all of their products are body-safe and eco-friendly, and are crafted to strict health and consumer safety standards. From long-lasting rechargeable batteries to fully recyclable packaging, … read more


Jay Play – In the Life of A Sex Store Manager

November 18, 2010

Jay Play interviewed Allison Ortego, manager of Cirilla’s novelty store about working in this industry and her favourite products. Ortego said her favorite item in the store is the We-Vibe: The We-Vibe fits internal contours and is like hands-free sex. … read more


Sex @ 11 – We-Vibe on with Rebecca Rosenblat

November 15, 2010

[email protected] is a call-in talk show hosted by Certified Relationship & Sexuality Therapist Rebecca Rosenblat. In this episode she talks about one her favourite new discoveries, the We-Vibe! read more


Dr. Laura Berman on Dr. Oz – Your Top 3 Bedroom Boosters

November 10, 2010

The Dr.Oz episode on November 10th revealed that according to Dr. Oz’s sex survey, 58 percent of people have purchased a sex aid. He invited Dr. Laura Berman on the show to share her picks for the top pleasure-boosting products … read more


The Globe and Mail – Am I in a Sexual Rut?

November 5, 2010

Globe and Mail columnist and author of the recently published “BUSH PILOT: A Field Guide to Getting Laid”, Claudia Dey, offers advice to a reader who wonders what her sexual future with her partner will hold and whether or not … read more


Time Out Chicago – Debby Herbenick Checks Out the Latest Devices for Your Bedroom

October 25, 2010

Debby Herbenick at Time Out Chicago reviews the latest bedroom devices including the We-Vibe II: Couples toy We-Vibe II is small and sleek just like the first version that came out a couple of years ago, so it’s still comfortable … read more

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