The Business Wire reviews Dr. Pepper Schwartz’ newest book, Getaway Guide to the Great Sex Weekend, which offers tips and advice to help couples rekindle that long-tem marriage spark. Dr. Schwartz suggests introducing new activities and toys in the bedroom to reignite that fire, advising couples to use a couples vibrator- The We-Vibe. Read more here! 

“Get away from the house, the kids and the to-do list. The book includes lots of close-by weekend getaway places all over the U.S. and provides helpful hints on amenities to look for, like double shower heads, oversized soaking tubs and sensual massages. We recommend Replens, a long lasting moisturizer and experimenting with new sex toys. There’s even a vibrator made just for couples called We-Vibe,” say Schwartz and Lever. “It’s fun to go to the gourmet grocer and pick out finger foods that you can enjoy with your favorite wine or champagne in the privacy of your hotel suite. Begin Valentine’s Day with a warm kiss and hug and don’t forget the flowers, aromatheropy candles, chocolates and dinner reservations. Sex is boring if you use the same efficient way to satisfy each other that your partner has grown to expect every time you are intimate. Change it up by the place, routine, and toys you use. Be playful. Read a sexy book or watch porn together.”

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