Website ‘Dating Advice’ states that sex is healthy for you! Research has shown sex two times per week lowers stress and improves mood. That’s good news right? …Well, here’s the bad news: long-term monogamous sex also takes a lot of work and a lot of creativity. The silver lining is America’s current obsession with sex. Since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, people are finally openly talking about their sexual needs! Standard Innovation’s CEO, Danny Osadca, is no novice to this subject. Heading up the company that produces the wildly popular couples product, the We-Vibe, Danny offers his opinions. Read more here! 

“These days I have trouble getting people to stop talking about sex!” Oscada said. Specifically, people are talking about the unique “C” shaped We-Vibe that helps women have a vaginal orgasm during intercourse. Since the small, medical grade device is not in a traditional phallic shape, men aren’t threatened by it and plenty of couples are keeping monogamy hot and spicy throughout the lifespan.

Intimate Couple