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The Doctors on CBS recommend the We-Vibe

February 14, 2012

From sex toys to erogenous zones, sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer recommends the We-Vibe® as a great way to spice up your sex life. Personal massagers can be very good but they shouldn’t be a surprise, and that’s because for a … read more


Best Toy for Couples – AVN AWARDS

January 31, 2012

The most critically acclaimed in the industry, the AVN Awards, have named the We-Vibe® the BEST TOY FOR COUPLES 2011. We are proud that industry leaders such as AVN recognize the We-Vibe® II as the Best Sex Toy for Couples … read more


Innovative Pleasure Product of the Year Technology for the We-Vibe® 3 – XBIZ AWARDS

January 31, 2012

Standard Innovation has received the prestigious Innovative Pleasure Product of the Year for the new We-Vibe® 3. Although the product has only been on the market for a few months, the overwhelmingly positive reception at the show itself and the … read more


One of Cosmopolitan’s expert tips to revive your routine- try the We-Vibe 3!

January 26, 2012

When it comes to the bedroom, routine can often kill a romance. Cosmo suggests some different ways to keep your romance out of that rut. Be honest to your partner about your desires and frustrations, make sure the quantity of … read more


CafeMom- The bedroom with that same long-term partner getting a little dull? Bring on the We-Vibe 3!

December 18, 2011

It may sound mean, but someone needs to say it: after a few years, sex with the same partner can get a bit, well, BORING. The We-Vibe is named as the best toy to spice up your sex life. You have … read more


We-Vibe- give the gift of pleasure

December 15, 2011

We-Vibe is named as one of the top 101 amazing gifts that everyone on your list will love. A vibrator built for two! This baby does it all so everybody’s happy! It even comes with a remove for gadget-obsessed guys. (Read … read more


Calgary Sun- In the modern world of vibrators, We-Vibe wins the popularity contest

December 15, 2011

Gone are the days when vibrators are considered un-classy and shocking to the general public. Vibrators have gone mainstream. These days, they are sleek, high-tech, eco-friendly- and they’re not just for her. If the world of vibrators held a fashion … read more


National Post- The Genius behind We-Vibe, the Apple iPod of the vibrator world

December 12, 2011

Bruce and Melody Murison, inventors of the We-Vibe, share with reporters how they’ve managed to build the We-Vibe into the world’s best selling vibrator for couples. With a scientificly engineered body, the social respect associated with being a Canadian company, … read more


AskMen Magazine- from sparklers to full-blown fireworks, how the we-vibe can enhance your sex life

November 28, 2011

AskMen magazine tells readers that vibrators are not only for wild, kinky couples or solo explorers, but can be used by anyone as a simple way to rev up their sex life from 50 mph to 100. AskMen suggests the … read more


Toys in Love- Putting the We-Vibe 3 through the paces

November 25, 2011

The revolutionary design of the We-Vibe III has quickly become the fastest selling adult product in history, and for good reason! This couple tells us about their wet-and-wild experiences with the new We-Vibe, which, by the sounds of it, has … read more

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