LA Weekly blogs about the 9 best high-tech sex toys to get your loved one this Valentine’s day! Chocolates are overrated and short lived…not to mention fattening. This Valentine’s day, get creative and buy your sweetheart a gift that will keep on giving! LA Weekly asked a married couple to test-drive some of the latest models. The family of We-Vibe products got a glowing review. Read more here! 

(ON THE WE-VIBE 3) Our tester’s first question upon seeing the We-Vibe 3: “Is this even going to work?” Answer: Yes. Yes. Yes! Oh God, YES! Second question: “How is this going to feel for my partner?” Her answer, after about a minute: Who cares? Just please, please, please don’t make it stop. (ON THE TOUCH BY WE-VIBE) Anyone who came up in the days of C cell-powered vibrators will be impressed with the substantial, serious shimmy the compact We-Vibe line delivers. If only cellphones could shake this sensually. (ON THE SALSA AND TANGO BY WE-VIBE) This duo of vibrators differs only in color and shape, with a rounded tip on the Salsa and a slanted one on the Tango. They’re each about the size of an index finger — but if you could do that with your index finger, you wouldn’t need a vibrator. Sleek, tiny and almost as powerful as something that plugs into the wall, these sweet little bullet vibes are the perfect size to slip into your pocket, or your purse.

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