Smart Planet reports that 3-D printing is the way of the future! According to President Obama, 3-d printing will revolutionize the way we make nearly everything. So why not sex toys! Standard Innovation uses this technology to develop their health and wellness products and we, the consumers, reap the rewards! Read more here! 

Standard Innovation’s success can be measured in its sales. The company, founded in 2008, has already sold millions of units, and its prospects are rising. Last year’s revenues were around US$35 million, and Osadca forecasts growth of up to $50 million in 2013. Having 3D printing technology to prototype and not relying upon outsourced development is key to its success, he said, adding it’s also enhancing adult relationships. “While we use technology to make our lives better every day, it seems that few companies have applied that thinking to making our sex lives better,” Osadca told BusinessWeek.

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