Mashable offers techies Valentine’s day gift ideas they’ll be sure to love! Instead of tablet or phone accessories, get your loved one a techie gift she’ll love…that will love her back, like the We-Vibe 3! Read more here! 

At CES this year was the We-Vibe 3, designed for couples. Grant Bechthold, VP of product development for Standard Innovation, which makes the vibrators, says it’s really about using tech for sexual health.”Tech can replace the human experience,” he told Mashable, “but we don’t want tech to replace it. It’s like contact lenses; we want a great user experience but don’t want to know it’s there.”He says men are typically threatened by these devices, but they shouldn’t be. “Tech as an enhancer creates a better user couple experience — it doesn’t interfere with the human touch, it helps to augment.”

Techie Valentines Day