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Interactive Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Touch-sensitive and totally responsive.

A sensual G-spot vibrator with rumbly vibrations, Reina connects and syncs with other Realm devices, plus a new world of immersive erotic content.

Experience every movement. Every rhythm. In sync and in real time.

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Connect from anywhere

Play together from anywhere, like never before. Connect two Realm devices to mirror each other’s movements and rhythms. Feel every touch in real time.

Feel everything you see

Immerse yourself in a new erotic experience. Sync with video, webcam and virtual reality to feel everything happening on-screen, in the moment.

Touch sensitive and totally responsive

Reina's touch-sensitive vibrations respond to movement and pressure. Every touch and twirl delivers precise external stimulation, while thrusting provides internal stimulation and g-spot pressure.

Simple, sensual design

Reina's soft pleasure edges and gentle curves are designed to stimulate all of your erogenous zones, inside and out.

Deep, rumbly vibrations

Something something… Feeling of the vibrations - powerful, deep, satisfying, rumbly vibrations.

How it works

Powered by Bluetooth-enabled Feel-Tech, Reina can sync with other Realm devices or specially encoded erotic content, for a completely immersive interactive experience.

Reina's vibrations can be controlled in four ways:

  • Capacitive-touch sensors respond to touch and pressure. As you play, your movements control the intensity of the vibrations
  • Sync with a partner's Realm device so that their movements and rhythms control your pleasure
  • Sync with encoded video, VR or webcam content that lets you feel what's happening on screen in real time
  • Use the We-Connect app, giving you or a partner complete control at the touch of a button

Any two Realm devices can be paired, allowing one device to control the other's rhythms and movements. You choose who's in control, and who gets to give themselves over to pure sensation.

Once synced, the second device mirrors the lead device's intensity and movements, allowing you and a partner to feel each other's touch in real time, from anywhere.

Using the free We-Connect app, you can talk to each other over secure chat, voice or video, letting you see, hear and feel how turned on they are.

Reina Features

  • Customizable Pleasure
  • Waterproof
  • Body-safe
  • Rechargeable
  • 2-Year warranty

Touch Sensitive

Responds to your movements and rhythms

Touch Sensitive

Responds to your movements and rhythms


Connect and play together from anywhere

Video, VR, Cam

Feel everything happening on screen with Feel Technology

Vibration Modes




Cha Cha







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Power stroker
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Realm Reina product


Touch-sensitive vibrator
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Realm Rey and Reina product

Rey™ and Reina™

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Product Specs


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Body-safe silicone — free from phthalates and BPA and made without latex


2 hr

Up to 3 hours of play, with low battery alert


  • Bluetooth mode
  • Touch-sensitive
  • 3 Intensity levels

What's in the box?

Reina™ Interactive Touch Sensitive Vibrator

USB cable
USB for charging via any USB port or widely available USB power adapter (not included)

We-Vibe Lube™
Made by pjur® 2ml smaple

Storage bag
Silky storage pouch for convenient storage and travel

User Manual
Illustrated, multi-language instruction manual

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Feel the touch you crave

Get ready to experience each other in a totally new way. Once synced, your Realm devices will mirror each other’s movements and rhythms, letting you feel every touch.

Connect with a partner

Feel your fantasy

Immerse yourself in a new erotic experience. Sync with video, webcam and VR content and feel your fantasies in real time. Powered by Feel Technology.

Connect with a world of immersive content