An interactive and unforgettable experience.

Get ready to blow their minds.

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Give your fans an unforgettable interactive experience.

Realm's interactive technology lets you feel the touch you crave.

Powered by Bluetooth-enabled Feel Technology, Realm lets you create incredible interactive experiences. Your fans can sync their Realm devices with yours to see, hear and feel your movements and pleasure.

It's a totally new way to connect — and a new source of traffic and revenue.

Affiliates with Benefits

Join the Realm Affiliate Program and receive a free Reina™, our exciting touch-sensitive G-spot vibrator. Create incredible interactive experiences when paired with Rey, our power stroker.

Our Affiliate Program offers:

  • Competitive commission on all sales driven to
  • Average order size of $150
  • High conversion rates
  • Regular affiliate bonus opportunities
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How it works

Feel Technology

Realm's capacitive touch sensors communicate your movements to your audience's devices. Their Realm devices mirror these movements and touches, controlling the intensity of Reina's vibrations or the speed and placement of Rey's strokes.


A touch-sensitive g-spot vibrator with rumbling vibrations that increase in intensity as you move.

Experience Reina
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An interactive power stroker that reaches up to 140 strokes per minute.

Experience Rey
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Your pleasure, controlled by tips

Connect with the FeelConnect app and give your fans control over your Realm device. The higher their tips, the stronger and longer the vibrations.

Your pleasure in their hands

Realm makes it possible to give over control by setting your device to respond to another Realm device’s touch, letting your fans tease and please you from their side of the screen.

The touch they crave

With two-way interactivity, your audience can feel your movements and rhythms mirrored in their own devices, making them feel like you’re right there with them.

One-on-one connection

Go one-on-one in a private session for the most intimate experience you can provide.

Superior Design

Our world-class engineers and designers work closely with experts to develop products that work in sync with the human body. Our products set industry standards for ergonomic design and high performance.

Body safe

All Realm products are body safe - free from phthalates and BPA and made without latex. They're non-porous, bacteria resistant and ultra-simple to clean and care for.

Premium Quality Guarantee

All Realm products are backed by an authentic 2-year warranty. Designed, engineered and tested in Canada.

Rey product


Power stroker
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Realm Reina product


Touch-sensitive vibrator
$149 USD
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Realm Rey and Reina product

Rey™ and Reina™

$329 USD
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Feel the touch you crave

Get ready to experience each other in a totally new way. Once synced, your Realm devices will mirror each other’s movements and rhythms, letting you feel every touch.

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Feel your fantasy

Immerse yourself in a new erotic experience. Sync with video, webcam and VR content and feel your fantasies in real time. Powered by Feel Technology.

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