Whether your relationship is for a moment or for life, a sense of play can help you and your partner feel more excitement, more often.

Check out our expert ideas for playing and discovering new levels of intimacy together with help from Dr. Jess O'Reilly. Our way of saying thanks for ten amazing years. Our way of saying thanks for ten amazing years.

We’re serious about play

We asked sex and relationship expert Dr. Jess O’Reilly to share her suggestions for building passionate connections through exploration and play, both inside the bedroom and outside of it. She gave us the best relationship advice you’ll read all year.

Her ideas are practical, fun and simple. Some take a minute; others will keep you excited for days. All of them are designed to help you find more passion with your partner.


Dr. Jess has helped thousands of couples find deeper connection with each other through play. Bottom line: Her suggestions work. Period.

Practical and specific

There’s no guesswork – every two weeks we’ll send you simple, down-to-earth advice that you can play with from the moment you receive our email.

All fun, no work

Play is the secret to connecting as a couple, having better sex, or just enjoying yourself more, whatever that means to you and your partner.

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About the We-Vibe 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, our founders developed a completely new category of product that encourages couples to explore, play, and discover together. Today, that product is in more bedrooms than any other couples vibrator in the world. In all that time, we’ve learned that play is at the heart of some of our most special experiences.

If it’s a moment alone, a single shared look, or years together— play brings us closer to what matters.

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