How To Be Better At Cyber Sex

Of course, there are boundaries that exist, and also etiquette that needs to be set in place, as with any other sexual situation. “Be clear […]

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November 4 Is National Sex Toy Day! Here’s How To Celebrate

While human sexuality can be celebrated in many ways, especially if you’re willing to get creative, the easiest way to do so is to roll over and reach for your favorite sex toy – among other things. Here are four ways to celebrate National Sex Toy Day 2019.

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Everything You Need To Know About Female Pleasure

Amidst this current sexual revolution, it’s time to address a topic that’s been missing from our conversations around sex: pleasure. I’ll share three ‘uh ha!’ moments I hear regularly from people who identify as women, and provide insights as to how you can come to these revelations or at the very least invite pleasure into your life.

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Why It’s About Time We Close The Orgasm Gap

Although the percentages in orgasms achieved between men and women differ depending on the research and the demographic of participants involved in the studies, the fact remains, no matter how you slice it, men orgasm more. But enough is enough. Here’s why it’s high-time we close the orgasm gap.

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Busting Myths About Male Sexuality

Dismantling these myths about male sexuality is a requirement for all male identified people wanting a hotter, more pleasurable, and freer sex life.

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How To Talk To Your Partner About Using Sex Toys

If you happen to be someone who’s in a relationship with a person who’s hesitant, or maybe even completely against bringing sex toys into the bedroom all together, then here are five ways to get them to come over to the other side; the sex toy side.

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