How To Be Better At Cyber Sex

Of course, there are boundaries that exist, and also etiquette that needs to be set in place, as with any other sexual situation. “Be clear […]

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November 4 Is National Sex Toy Day! Here’s How To Celebrate

While human sexuality can be celebrated in many ways, especially if you’re willing to get creative, the easiest way to do so is to roll over and reach for your favorite sex toy – among other things. Here are four ways to celebrate National Sex Toy Day 2019.

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#PleasurePioneers: Loretta Ross

Ross was one of many Black women who came together, calling themselves the Women of African Descent for Reproductive Justice – reproductive justice being a term the women coined.

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The Etiquette Of Sexting

Pay attention to your pleasure first of all. What turns you on? What could your partner write that would get you feeling the tingles?

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