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CBC News – Sex Toy Buzz Helps Launch Ex-Nortel Engineer’s Startup

January 19, 2009

CBC feature about the We-Vibe founders and their unpredictable journey: (T)he We-Vibe was designed from an engineer’s perspective. The 60-gram silicone device is U-shaped and is the product of six years and $500,000 worth of research and development. (Read more…)


CBC Radio1 – Interviews the We-Vibe Founders

January 16, 2009

CBC radio interviews the CEO of We-Vibe about the excitement of being included in this years gift bags at the Oscars.


CBC Radio1 – Interview with We-Vibe Founders

January 16, 2009

CBC Radio1 interviews our CEO and his wife about the process of bringing the successful We-Vibe to market, while still trying to keep it a secret


Virgin Radio – Interview with We-Vibe CEO and His Wife

January 7, 2009

Virgin Radio interviews Bruce and Melody Murison about the long development process of the We-Vibe from concept to the Award-Winning reality.


JuiceBox Radio – An Interview with the We-Vibe Inventor

November 28, 2008

JuiceBox Radio from Vancouver has the inventor of the We-Vibe live on-air during this episode. One of my favorite things about it is the wonderfully subtle case.


CHML AM Radio – Scott Thompson Interviews the We-Vibe CEO

November 28, 2008

Scott Thompson from CHML am/radio in Hamilton, interviews our CEO.


AVN Online – We-Vibe Inventor Discusses the Power of the Vibrator

October 14, 2008

Bruce Murison, the We-Vibe Inventor, writes an in depth article on vibrating motor developments throughout history and into the future for AVN media networks: Look back at our history, and you’ll see it’s full of sexual devices that predate the … read more


Financial Post – A We-Vibe Could Make Engineer Rich

September 15, 2008

A Financial Post feature tells the story of the We-Vibe and predicts big things and a prosperous future for the company founder: A Canadian invention, this vibrator won an international award for most innovative product last year. It delivers toe-curling … read more


We-Vibe Media Sensation Video

July 25, 2000
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