Glowing Review of Touch by We-Vibe

Sexational makes it her job to ‘research pleasure.’ Her most recent subject was Touch by We-Vibe and we think it is safe to say she loved it.

The “end” opposite the charging dock is shaped kind of like a spoon with a more dramatic point- a concave raindrop, if you will. What this means is that you have some options: you can use the very tip for pinpoint vibrations, cover your clit with the hollow of the “spoon” for surround-sound, experiment with using one of the long sides… This toy is really versatile in this sense, and fantastic for people who are unfamiliar with the kind of vibrator shape that works best for them: rather than giving you one option, it gives you many to experiment with so you know what works best for you. It’ll give you the knowledge about what shape works best for you, which helps if you’re ever in the market for one… if you ever even feel the need to buy a vibrator after this one.

You can read her full review here.

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