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CBC Radio1 – Small town to the Academy Awards

February 13, 2009

From a small town in Canada to the Academy Awards in a whirlwind  year for Standard Innovation Corporation and the We-Vibe! read more


KLAV Radio – Jack Frost interviews the CEO of We-Vibe

January 27, 2009

The Coffee Grounds Show with Jack Frost featuring the CEO of We-Vibe, the lovely people from nJoy and pornstar Rod Diesel chatting with the crew on-air, hilarity ensues. The motors go in and out of faze with one another and … read more


CBC Radio1 – Interviews the We-Vibe Founders

January 16, 2009

CBC radio interviews the CEO of We-Vibe about the excitement of being included in this years gift bags at the Oscars. read more


CBC Radio1 – Interview with We-Vibe Founders

January 16, 2009

CBC Radio1 interviews our CEO and his wife about the process of bringing the successful We-Vibe to market, while still trying to keep it a secret read more


Virgin Radio – Interview with We-Vibe CEO and His Wife

January 7, 2009

Virgin Radio interviews Bruce and Melody Murison about the long development process of the We-Vibe from concept to the Award-Winning reality. read more


KAYA FM – Dr. Elna McIntosh Reviews the We-Vibe

December 3, 2008

The We-Vibe is featured on KAYA FM, in South Africa, during a Sexual Health show with Dr. Elna McIntosh. I love the name We-Vibe, ’cause it means we all are getting our vibe on, and we’re all having fun. read more


PlayBoy Radio – We-Vibe and Sex Machines

November 29, 2008

“After both being laid off at Nortel, Bruce and Melody Murison, began work together on – of all things — a sex toy. The result: the We-Vibe, a vibrator worn by the woman during intercourse that also stimulates the man. … read more


JuiceBox Radio – An Interview with the We-Vibe Inventor

November 28, 2008

JuiceBox Radio from Vancouver has the inventor of the We-Vibe live on-air during this episode. One of my favorite things about it is the wonderfully subtle case. read more


Sexy Girl on Q104 FM Halifax – Discusses the We-Vibe

November 28, 2008

Sexy Girl from Halifax discusses the We-Vibe on Q104 fm rock radio, in Halifax. It’s made of medical-grade silicone, which is good. That is important. It’s hypoallergenic. read more


CHML AM Radio – Scott Thompson Interviews the We-Vibe CEO

November 28, 2008

Scott Thompson from CHML am/radio in Hamilton, interviews our CEO. read more