Perhaps you know your IQ, and we have all heard of our EQ, but you may be unaware of how to assess and rate your SQ.

Yes, your sexy quotient.

Many believe that sexiness is synonymous with youth or beauty, but truthfully, it comes from a combination of experiences, authenticity, and confidence. And when you add that up, you get your SQ.

We all want to be that person who can walk into a room and bring with them a confidence and presence that turns heads, but the reality is that sensuality and sexiness are innate and something different people possess at different levels.

The good news is that no matter where you net out, your rating is not set in stone. The idea is to get a snapshot of where you stack up relative to others, to assess reasons why you may have low sexual confidence, and find ways to improve your sex life.

The SQ concept came from Brazilian sexologist, Dr Carmita Abdo, and is based around questions of sexual performance and satisfaction based on global physical and emotional parameters. Essentially these numbers can be seen as a benchmark to measure current performance and opportunities for personal improvement and thus increased pleasure and enhanced intimacy for your partner.

Bottom line, we all have it in us, a little or a lot, but the idea is to figure out how we can amp it up and make it work for us individually.

There are many online tests you can try, but this one from Dr. Pam Spurr is quick and provides pretty accurate snapshot:

Good luck!


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