WebMD posted a great article this moring about what really turns men on. The article by Matt McMillen suggests that as men age there is a need for an emotional connection, and a deep intimacy with his partner to get turned on.  One of the men featured in the piece put it simply:

“emotional closeness and intimacy far above the sexual.”

So how do you enhance intimacy? Spend time together. Particpate and take interest in each other’s hobbies. And make sure that you are making the most of your intimate time. Get to know what turns eachother on and learn how to enhance that experience together.

Here are a few other valuable tips from the piece:

Take initiative vs. modern chivalry: Most men will agree that a woman who knows what she wants is sexy. But make sure you find a balance because they like to be the boss too. From opening doors to letting him makes the plans – let him show his chivalrous side.

Show your interest and make them a priority: Men, like their female counterparts, want to know that you are thinking of them and want to make time for them. Make it known that you are looking forward to spending some time alone together.

And lastly he emphasizes: just because they are looking for something deeper on an emotional level, we shouldn’t forget that men are visual creatures, so showing them a little skin (hinting at what may be to come) can go a long way in getting their attention.

Read the full article here


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