Not sure if many of you saw our birthday reminder over the weekend…No big deal.

But seriously, we’re 2! Its been a crazy two years bringing the We-Vibe to friends around the world, winning awards for design and innovation and making people smile (including celebrities).

Plus, we just found out that our recent appearance at the AdultEx show in Australia broke all previous records (see press release here) so it’s looking like it will be a busy 2010.

We’re spending the next three days at the International LIngerie Show in Vegas and can’t wait to share the news of what and who we see.  Stay tuned!


One Response to What a 2 years it has been! We’re breaking records.

  1. Dr. Ava Cadell says:

    Happy Birthday We-Vibe and may all your Birthday wishes come true. I gave my new intern a We-Vibe and this was her feedback: “As a student of human sexuality, I was impressed with the We-Vibe. The simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and G-spot was very pleasurable. It went in very easily and didn’t interrupt the sexual moment. I recommend using lubricant beforehand during foreplay prior to putting in the We-Vibe. It’s best, especially the first time, to start intercourse initially without it. The sensation of feeling sex with and without the We-Vibe makes you appreciate the We-Vibe so much more. I was very surprised that the We-Vibe stayed in place and that I could also easily angle it to my liking during intercourse. The We-Vibe is all about ease – whether it’s putting it in, changing the speed, or taking care of it. I worried that it would hurt my boyfriend or not be enjoyable for him, but it didn’t disturb intercourse for him at all. In fact, he enjoyed the vibrations as well. I’d recommend the We-Vibe for couples who are looking to spice up their sex lives.”
    – E.S., 24

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