The Consumer Electronics Show is next week! Taking place January 8th to 11th in Las Vegas, CES is the place to be to spotlight the newest and most innovative products in tech. We’re thrilled to not only be a part of CES as an exhibitor, but to break new ground as the first sexual health company to deliver two keynotes at the show.

Our CEO, Danny Osadca is a featured panelist at the Silver Summit discussing how “Sex Never Gets OLD.” Then you can catch “Sex in Digital Times,” where Kendra Novick will dive into the evolution of sex from Cleopatra’s hollowed out gourd (with buzzing bees!) to the litany of niche dating websites. Lastly, Grant Bechtold will shed light on how the industry is taking note of the influence sexual health has on our overall wellness in “Science of Sexuality.”

In another CES first, the Thrill by We-Vibe was recognized by a panel of veteran technology journalists as a Semi-Finalist in the prestigious Last Gadget Standing competition, which honors products that pioneer in an ever evolving world of tech.

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