The newly founded eroFame show held at the Filmpark studios in Babelsburg, Germany was a great success!

We-Vibe joined manufacturers and distributors from around the world who exhibited their elite product lines for the 3 day event and enjoyed meeting with hundreds of international buyers.

The We-Vibe booth was definitely one of the busier booths showcasing their signature purple We-Vibe as well as 2 new elegant colours -Teal and Ruby!

Visitors were excited about the new colours and even more intrigued with the new product announcements: The We-Vibe Touch, We-Vibe Tango and We-Vibe Salsa.

These lucky guests to the booth were the first in the world to handle the companys new mini-vibe products (the Tango and the Salsa) and the reception was reactive!

“I am amazed by the power”

“how did you pack so much power in such a small thing?”

“Ooo I know what I have on my Christmas list”

“Mmmm – I love the low rumble”

Buyers appreciated the eco impact of a rechargeable product as they added up the reduction cost in disposable batteries…and know that customers are more aware of environmental impact when choosing a product.

Visitors were also introduced to the new We-Vibe Touch – the powerful palm sized massager encased in body safe medical grade silicone is constructed of a similar engine to theSalsa & Tango, another GREAT addition to the bedroom!

“I believe one will find many We-Vibe products under the tree this Christmas this year” said co-founder Melody Murison.

“What more could a girl want than a such a sensual gift from the love of her life!”

Overall, the We-Vibe team had a great time at the show and based on the reception they received at the show, they look forward to a busy holiday season with their extended product line.


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