Welcome to We-Vibe® Wednesdays! Each week, we’ll feature one of 33 exciting positions from our We-Vibe® 3play book for you and your partner to try.

Indulge your need for speed with Zero to 60, this week’s We-Vibe® 3play book position. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt. It’s one wild ride.


Here’s how it works:

He: Lean back on the couch and get comfortable.

She: Straddle him and lower yourself onto him. Bend your knees and nestle them under his arms. Slowly lean back so that your head almost touches the ground. Place your hands on the floor for support.

We: Drive him wild with pleasure as you thrust back and forth against him. Open and close your legs for over-the–top sensations.

Recommended Vibe: HIGH

Pleasure Rating: 333

Was it fast and furious? Let us know in the comments.


One Response to We-Vibe® Position of the Week: Zero to 60

  1. Rupashahsurat Shah says:

    Not so comfortable position.

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