Position of the Week: Slumber Party

Welcome to We-Vibe® Wednesdays! Each week, we’ll feature one of 33 exciting positions from our We-Vibe® 3play book for you and your partner to try.

Forget pillow fights. We’ve got a better idea.

This week’s featured 3play book position is Slumber Party – no pajamas required. So grab as many pillows as you can and get ready for your latest We-Vibe® adventure. This position has you huddled close for fast-paced pleasure. You won’t be getting much sleep at this slumber party!

Here’s how:

He: Nestle up close to her as you press your chest against her back. Place your arms over hers and lock your hands tight.

She: Facing the same direction as him, lean into a stack of pillows. Open your legs so he can kneel in between and enter from behind. Tilt your pelvis back into his for an extra snug fit.

We: Padded for comfort, this backside session is for fast and furious thrusting. Don’t be surprised if this position is short and sweet.

Recommended Vibe: HIGH

Pleasure Rating: 333

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So how was your Slumber Party? Do tell.


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