Welcome to We-Vibe® Wednesdays! Each week, we’ll feature one of 33 exciting positions from our We-Vibe® 3play book for you and your partner to try.

Craving an experience that is genuinely fast and furious? This week’s position of the week, brought to you by our We- Vibe® 3play book, employs the cushioning of household pillows to release the intensity, comfortably.

Slumber Party is for the times where you want to kick things up a notch. By stacking three soft pillows you’ll create a spring that will amplify each and every thrust. The pillows also help to relieve the typical pressure points of similar positions. Slumber Party is ideal for when the desire strikes at home but time is limited – every minute and motion counts in this position.

With locked legs and a touch of padding for pleasure, you’ll want to throw your own Slumber Party anytime you’re home with a few minutes to spare. Here’s how to do it:

He: Nestle up close to her as you press your chest against her back. Place your arms over hers and lock hands tight.

She: Facing the same direction as him, lean into a stack of pillows. Open legs so he can kneel between and let him enter from behind. Tilt pelvis back into his for an extra snug fit.

WE: Padded for comfort, this backside session is for fast and furious thrusting. Don’t be surprised if this position is short and sweet.

Recommended VIBE: HIGH

Pleasure Rating: 333

Did this become one of your favorite Slumber Parties ever? Share your nighttime stories in the comments!


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