Welcome to We-Vibe® Wednesdays! Each week, we’ll feature one of 33 exciting positions from our We-Vibe® 3play book for you and your partner to try.

Get some old-fashioned loving with a We-Vibe® 3 twist. This week’s 3play book position is Infinite Pleasure – and it’s sure to deliver slow and steady enjoyment. Grab a pillow- or three- and get ready for some profound fun.

Here’s how it works: 

He: Plant your hands on either side of her and prop your upper body into an upright position. Bend your toes under and plant them into the ground for support.

She: Place pillows under your pelvis and lie face up. Spread your legs slightly and place your hands on his butt and back.

We: Slowly and steadily, move in a figure-8 motion. Work clockwise and counter clockwise to make sure to hit all the hotspots. Pillows help deepen the penetration.

Thrust quickly and passionately. It may be short, but it’s sure to be fun.

Recommended Vibe: LOW

Pleasure Rating: 333

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