Getting ready for spring or summer travel?  When packing for your trip – don’t forget about your private time.  Here are tips when it comes to packing your favorite vibrator.

Keep in mind that the We-Vibe 3 is the perfect size for traveling.  Its sleek design also makes it discreet.

Make sure to pack your vibrator in a Ziploc bag if you plan to tuck it away in your carry-on.  And don’t forget to transport your lube in a 3 oz. bottle or less.

Also, if you are subject to a search, keep in mind your “rights.”

Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen asserts, “It is highly inappropriate, and potentially an act of sexual harassment, for an airline staffer to make a public issue of finding an intimate object in a customer’s bag.”

And once you’re on the plane – it’s entirely up to you whether you want to join the “mile-high club.”

Happy Travels!


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