Could it be any other than the We-Vibe?

The results are in and it’s unanimous. Retailers love the We-Vibe.

We want to send a warm thank you to each and every one of you – that is 750 retailers from around the globe – who participated in our recent survey.

The message is clear. The We-Vibe is currently the #1 selling product of its type for over 95% of stores, and was voted the #1 selling product of all time for the majority of retailers polled.

Men and women around the world are choosing the We-Vibe in record numbers in the same way they might purchase lingerie or a romantic weekend for two as a romantic gift to share with their partner, and here is some of what you had to say about it:

•  The We-Vibe appeals to everyone

•  It is uniquely and consistently asked for by name

•  Every couple in the world should own it

•  It is the gateway toy – the one that makes toys more acceptable

•  We-Vibe has raised the industry standard

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