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What’s the sex sense? It’s the special combination of smells, sights, tastes, sounds and touches that create a heightened intimate experience for you and your partner. And it was the inspiration for a special media preview event last week in Toronto celebrating the launch of the We-Vibe® 3.

Blindfolded, our guests could smell the lavender candles and scattering of fresh petals leading to the bedroom of the exquisite We-Vibe® suite at the Hôtel Le Germain in Toronto. On the couch, sexpert, syndicated advice columnist, TV & radio host, and author Josey Vogels summed up the We-Vibe® 3: “It’s an intelligent, tasteful way to enhance your sex life.”

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Vogels was especially excited to share how the We-Vibe® 3 can improve a couple’s bedroom dynamic. “Men need sex for intimacy. Women need intimacy for sex,” she said. “The We-Vibe® allows women to switch off their brains and awaken their senses.”

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The We-Vibe® 3 feature that got everyone’s attention? The discrete, wireless remote.

“It’s hands-free, which allows you to use all of your senses during sex” said Vogels, who has written five books on sex and relationships. “They really hit the mark with this one. It’s safe, thoughtful, and tasteful. And the waterproof part is a big plus.”

How do you tap into the sex sense? Share your tips in the comments!

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