We had an absolute blast at CES in Las Vegas. It’s a rare privilege to be surrounded by such bright minds and passionate innovators in tech and we saw some great products. We mean it – from vibrating forks that help you lose weight to refrigerators with built in apps and Bluetooth – the future is amazingly supercharged.

Talk about a glowing reception – We-Vibe impressed with our family of products (dubbed “wave of the future” by TechCrunch) and participated in 4 days of panels, keynotes and giveaways. If you weren’t at CES, here’s a glimpse of what you missed:

  • Sex in Digital Times: 90 percent of 50 Shades of Grey sales were from ebooks. Today, we’re hyper-connected like never before with technology infiltrating every part of our lives. Why shouldn’t we use technology to advance our interpersonal relations and better connect with our sexuality?
  • Science of Sexuality: We-Vibe’s working mantra is “Science Meets Sexuality.” We develop and validate concepts using advanced simulation and engineering technologies as well as academic research. Our design methods and philosophy are rooted in science so that the products we make work in sync with the human anatomy.

Our very own Danny Osadca, Grant Bechthold and Kendra Novick did an amazing job speaking at the panels and keynotes. If there’s one thing we learned from CES, it’s that time really does fly when you’re having fun (one of our reps even lost her voice from all the chatting)!

We’ll continue to add media and highlights from our week at CES, so stay tuned to our our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages. In the meantime, let us know what your favorite part of CES was.


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