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Sexuality Expert Jamye Waxman is all smiles talking about the new We-Vibe Tango

May 6, 2011

It appears as though we have found a fan in Jayme Waxman of the new We-Vibe Tango. Waxman, one of the most sought after speakers about human sexuality and relationships, just released this video introducing viewers to the Tango, calling … read more


The We-Vibe, a favourite toy from a Kinky City!

January 19, 2011

Ottawa Citizen writer Julie Beun calls the We-Vibe “Ottawa’s favourite sex toy” in her recent article exposing the nations capital as a not-so-conservative city. Contrary to what people believe about Canada’s capital, Buen explains, Ottawa is a pretty frisky town. One … read more


Sabrina Pirillo says Weeeee! for We-Vibe on her Saturday Show

December 2, 2010

Proud FM host, Sabrina Pirillo, talked all about loving her We-Vibe on her show Saturday and summed up her love with a simple “Weeeeee!” Glad you like it Sabrina! Have a listen here read more


Dr.Trina calls the We-Vibe “The Best Sex Toy Out There”

November 5, 2010

Dr. Trina Read, a woman who we often look to for relationship and intimacy advice, posted this video reviewing the We-Vibe and calls it “The Best Sex Toy Out There”.  We appreciate the compliment coming from anyone, but with Dr.Trina’s blessing, … read more


Love your We-Vibe? Show us your We-Love!

August 26, 2010

If you love your We-Vibe it seems you are not alone. Couples from all around the world who have discovered renewed intimacy and shared pleasure with the We-Vibe tell us at shows, send us emails, and even voicemails sharing thanks … read more


Tons of fun on ProudFM with Mike Chalut and Acey Rowe!

August 4, 2010

We-Vibe was invited down to the Proud FM studios to the Mike Chalut Show in Toronto to talk about our purple pleasure product and all that’s new and exciting in the world of We-Vibe. Co-host Acey Rowe tested the product … read more