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The top-selling product of all-time, the perfect intimate gift and the one that couples ask for by name…

July 20, 2011

Could it be any other than the We-Vibe? The results are in and it’s unanimous. Retailers love the We-Vibe. We want to send a warm thank you to each and every one of you – that is 750 retailers from … read more


We-Vibe Partner Profile: Lovehoney delivers satisfaction to UK couples

May 17, 2011

Lovehoney the leading online retailer of adult products in the UK, has been helping couples discover innovation, quality and mutual pleasure with the We-Vibe since the product’s launch in 2008. As a major UK partner, Lovehoney also runs We-Vibe’s Official UK Site so customers have two … read more


Home town love for Valentine’s Day – if you’re in Ottawa, send your love stories to The Citizen

February 11, 2011

In honour of Valentine’s Day, We-Vibe has partnered with the Ottawa Citizen and the Empire Grill to put together a romantic Valentine’s package for the winners of the “Love Stories” submission contest! Stories of love at first sight and conquest … read more


Relationship and Sex Advice from the Love Birds: Sex Toy Facts and Where to Start

December 14, 2010

In this video from the Love Birds, they discuss some sex toy facts and things to think about before purchasing a sex toy. They talking about the importance of researching whats out there, what might work for you, and how … read more


Fact One: Sexual dissatisfaction is associated with increased risk of relationship dissolution. (Karney, 1995)

October 14, 2010

A recent article on anewscafe.com brought up a really interesting finding from the recent Kinsey Institute study resulst published. That being: “that sexual satisfaction has a stronger link to perceived “relationship quality” for men than it does for women”. The … read more


Can sex toys and vibrators boost the intimacy in your relationship?

May 21, 2010

Trick question! Of course they can. Long thought of as toys for solo play, vibrators are a great way to add spice to your lovelife and find new levels of pleasure together. This article from Best Health Magazine suggests that … read more