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From MSN.com: 7 Surprising Sperm Killers That Could Leave Men Shooting Blanks

December 29, 2010

This informative MSN.com article explains how the world we live in is saturated with harmful chemicals that can have negative affects on mens sperm count and provides tips about how to avoid them and protect the little swimmers. Here’s a quick … read more


We-Vibe Founders Interviewed in the FoXXXy Forum

December 16, 2010

Thanks to FoXXXy Dame and Dr. Harmony, hosts of the FoXXXy Forum Talk Show, for having We-Vibe founders (Bruce and Melody Murison) on the show last week! read more


Relationship and Sex Advice from the Love Birds: Sex Toy Facts and Where to Start

December 14, 2010

In this video from the Love Birds, they discuss some sex toy facts and things to think about before purchasing a sex toy. They talking about the importance of researching whats out there, what might work for you, and how … read more


Sabrina Pirillo says Weeeee! for We-Vibe on her Saturday Show

December 2, 2010

Proud FM host, Sabrina Pirillo, talked all about loving her We-Vibe on her show Saturday and summed up her love with a simple “Weeeeee!” Glad you like it Sabrina! Have a listen here read more


We-Vibe Founders on Sex Matters with the lovely Cynthia Loyst

November 26, 2010

Many thanks to Cynthia Loyst and the whole team at CTV for having us on Sex Matters last week to share the We-Vibe story. Cynthia sat down with Bruce and Melody to get the full story of how they came … read more


Dr.Trina calls the We-Vibe “The Best Sex Toy Out There”

November 5, 2010

Dr. Trina Read, a woman who we often look to for relationship and intimacy advice, posted this video reviewing the We-Vibe and calls it “The Best Sex Toy Out There”.  We appreciate the compliment coming from anyone, but with Dr.Trina’s blessing, … read more