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In celebration of International Masturbation Month, we asked men and women about their masturbation habits.

We asked 1032 people which celebrity they fantasize about while masturbating. Now we want to add to the list!

Tell us your celebrity fantasy and have a chance to win a Nova by We-Vibe! All you have to do is tell us your celebrity fantasy in the comments, on our contest post. Enter on Facebook and/or Instagram. Tag a friend to get an additional entry.

Contest Rules

  • Contest runs from May 6 – June 3
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Two entries per person, per post
  • One winner will be chosen at random for each post
  • No nudity, please and thank you
  • Each post winner will be notified 7 days following the post
  • Each prize consists of a Nova by We-Vibe, valued at $159 CAD/$149USD
  • Contest not valid where prohibited by law

4 Responses to Win Your Own Superstar

  1. Maya Dinerstein says:

    Matt Bomer!

  2. Trapper Geater says:

    Some people may think this is weird but I fantasize more about my wife while masturbation. She turns me on more than anyone and most of all it’s the real thing. I don’t enjoy thinking of others. Why would I when my wife and I share the best moments & she satisfies me the best.

  3. Tom Borthwick says:

    My celebrity I think of when masturbating is Lauren Cohan

  4. Pia Jacobsen says:

    Great Contest Guys!!

    Hi from Norway! Ok here we go!! Up here in the arctic sphere we have -as most know- dark long days and a “neverending”ice cold winter.. As a result, the warmth of summertime makes some of us very sexual beeings..
    Im one of those people…:)
    So here is my superstar fantasy: There is two people that really rocks the casbah for me, the sexiest man alive mr.Sam Elliot is still hot as hell & in combo with pornstar Bonnie Rotten my fantasy is completely perfect.. I close my eyes and see the two together at first- then they both gives me everything I want sex wise before I touch, taste and fucks them both.. It does not matter when, where or how I masturbate – I kinda love touching myself whether its at home, at work or maybe on some public transport… All is good in love & war- Yes??

    This was all from Oslo folks!!
    Thanks for a funky contest for us openminded individuals of the planet

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