Whether it’s through the emails to the site, calls to the office, or in person, there are two things that we hear most often from women:

Thank you. 


My husband thanks you.


Women around the world are discovering dimensions of pleasure that they didn’t know were possible with their We-Vibe‘s. The ability to enjoy dual stimulation while making love is something that many women and couples just haven’t ever been able to achieve. The We-Vibe is also a great solo and foreplay toy. It can be used with a dildo or other toys and is the world’s only “hands free” and strapless clitoral stimulator.

Women love the We-Vibe:

“Thank you we-vibe…finally after 51 years…I have experienced my FIRST G-spot orgasm…thank you, thank you, thank you…Ladies, this is THE BEST vibrator in the world!”

“Hi We-Vibe we’re just calling to tell you how much we love the We-Vibe. My boyfriend bought me one for Valentine’s D and it changed my life. And our lives and our sex lives. The past 3 months have been the best in our 2 year relationship. We just wanted to say thank you . We love you We-Vibe”


“I think I may actually be IN LOVE with my We-Vibe. When I am by myself, I turn it on TEASE and it is a guaranteed, for-sure orgasm… period.”

“…it has taken me & my husband to a higher level of lovemaking. We will be celebrating 27 yrs of marriage in August and my We-Vibe is going on that ride with us! I am giving it a 10+”

“My husband and I bought the We-Vibe about a year ago…WE LOVE IT!! It is by far, the most amazing toy we have ever purchased. Phenomenal job people!!”

However they express it, one thing is overwhelmingly certain: Women Love their We-Vibes.


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