If you love your We-Vibe it seems you are not alone. Couples from all around the world who have discovered renewed intimacy and shared pleasure with the We-Vibe tell us at shows, send us emails, and even voicemails sharing thanks and sometimes a little too much information 😉

And because we keep hearing it, we’ve created this page as a place for you to leave your stories and tell us why you love your We-Vibe!

PLUS you could WIN! – Periodically we run contests offering prizes to the most flattering posts (recently we ran a contest where we gave away three copies of MOREGASM: A guide to Mind Blowing Sex) so keep checking back!


48 Responses to Love your We-Vibe? Show us your We-Love!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sexologist Dr.Trina loves the We-Vibe:
    My husband believes the We-Vibe is the best sex toy he’s ever tried. It is the only toy both the gal and guy can truly enjoy and can be used in so many different ways. The design is the most elegant and innovative he’s ever seen in a sex toy. We give it a 9.5/10!

    Dr. Trina Read, Sexologist, best selling author of Till Sex Do Us Part

  2. Anonymous says:

    We LOVE our We-Vibe. It has definitely taken our love-making to new heights.
    The vibrations deliver a soothing warmth that envelops my entire body, and she cannot get enough! It’s by far the best birthday gift i ever bought her!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I Love my We-Vibe! And so does he! Video from the park:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Samantha loves her We-Vibe:

  5. Tamara Payton Bell, HPPPA Founder says:

    As a Certified Loveologist & Love Coach, I recommend the We-Vibe to all of my clients to help the obtain a great sex life. I also LOVE my We-Vibe because it has taken me & my husband to a higher level of lovemaking. We will be celebrating 27 yrs of marriage in August and my We-Vibe is going on that ride with us! I am giving it a 10+

  6. Anonymous says:

    This couple loves their We-Vibe:

    Click to watch!

  7. John and Debbie in Washington state says:

    My wife and I just purchased a We-Vibe three days ago and we couldn’t wait to try it out. During the first time we used it, she had four really intense orgasms, which were very enjoyable for both of us. She said it gave her a really different feeling — very pleasurable. She’s never been a fan of vibrators, but this is a toy she loves because we can both use it during our lovemaking. We’re looking forward to our next time with it. Thanks We-Vibe!

  8. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    So happy to hear of more pleased customers! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    Thanks for sharing Mandi! If you don’t succumb to the desire to pick one up on your own, keep your eyes here on the blog as we run contests periodically!

  10. Anonymous says:

    What isn’t to love about the We-Vibe? It’s easily my favorite couples toy. For a long time I had a favorite internal and external toy for making love to my girlfriend but the We-Vibe is great for both. And the fact that I get to use it too makes it all the better. The product boasts being able to hold it’s position in any sexual position – and believe me we’re trying for that 1 where it just doesn’t feel right…. but we’ve yet to find it.

    At just under $100 it’s easily the 1st toy I recommend to any of my friends looking to spice up the bedroom (or shower and the few times we’ve used it in the tub…..I recommend the tub by the way *insert wink here*).

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love my wevibe. I am personally responsible for taking 3 couples to the Toy store and purchasing their own wevibes. Couldn’t live without it. Everyone I can get to purchase spreads that many more orgasms around the world. yay…

  12. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend and I love the we vibe. It gives me the most intense orgasm and my boyfriend loves feeling the vibrations! I’ve raved to my coupled friends to pick one up it is well worth the money!

  13. Mandi Wallar says:

    I work at a store in Dallas Texas that sells the We.Vibe. I have to say nothing brings couples closer together than this product. The quality and versatility of the we-vibe is beyond amazing! I have more customers come in saying a friend suggested the we.vibe to them or they read about it online. Its the number 1 toy on my suggestions list. This toy is so far ahead of the other toys out right now its not even comaprable. I cant wait to have 1 of my own. Keep up the great work!! Everyone buy a we.vibe!

  14. Anonymous says:

    From a message on the We-Love line:

     “Hi We-Vibe we’re just calling to tell you how much we love the We-Vibe. My boyfriend bought me one for Valentine’s D and it changed my life. And our lives and our sex lives. The past 3 months have been the best in our 2 year relationship. We just wanted to say thank you . We love you We-Vibe”

    Play Audio

  15. Elisabeth says:

    We brought the we vibe to day, and i allready looooooove it!
    Cant wait to play again:)
    I love you we vibe !

  16. Todd Frank says:

    I would like to win this product so my wife and I could use this to find our libino to creat a passion to love!!mtmAG

  17. Ms. We-Vibe says:

    Hi Todd, wrong contest 😉
    The winners of this contest are up for a copy of MOREGASM – A Guide to Mind Blowing Sex! If you want to win a We-Vibe, keep your eyes on the blog and follow us on twitter and facebook as we post all contests of our own and from our friendly partners!

  18. Sarah W. says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! I have always loved my bedroom toys & vibes but vibes for the most part have bothered my husband during lovemaking. I need the extra little zing to get me over the edge and when I heard of the We Vibe, I knew I had to have it!!! I ordered it (and added 2 day shipping to get it here quick!). We tried it out for the first time last night and both my husband and I were thrilled! It did not get in his way at all and he really enjoyed the ride (pun intended!). I love the fact that it can be used for dual play or solo. In fact, I placed it on the base of his penis & then on his perineum during oral and it gave him a whole new sensation! Our new slogan is “Those Who Vibe Together, Stay Together.” Thanks for making a GREAT product that we are THRILLED and happy to own 🙂

  19. CurtyC says:

    I purchased our We-Vibe II about a month ago. We absolutely love it. It is tasteful, arousing, stimulating, and orgasmic. I suffer from the affects of a traumatic brain injury. I am Panhypopituataristic, I do not have a pituitary gland anymore, it is called secondary “Empty Cella Syndrome.” My wife and I have been married for 27 years, and we have 5 children. We love each other eternally. A healthy sex-life is an important if not an essential ingredient in a successful marriage. Making love has become near impossible even with ED meds. Upon purchasing our We-Vibe II, my wife, substantially timid about using any “sex toys,” decided to trust me and try it. Not only did she notice her pleasure, but my own “excitement.” Sex has regained its rightful place in our successful marriage tool-belt. The We-Vibe II is easy to use and tasteful. It is not a big dong or a scary twisting plastic penis. It is a robust, yet gentle and feminine aid. Its engineering is beyond reproach, based on female anatomy and male stimulation, it is the single best aid to enjoyable and sustainable intercourse. The We-Vibe II is amazing. The ability to help me better understand my wife’s physiology, is amongst the greatest gifts I’ve been given. After 27 years of learning about each other’s bodies, I know this is the closest I have come to actually being “one” with my wife. We have both helped each other reach orgasm over the last quarter century, but whether or not I “work,”now is immaterial. I can still play an integral roll in love-making with my wife. We have become a bit dependent on it, since I don’t have a pituitary gland anymore, intercourse without meds is near impossible. The We-Vibe II has changed all that. My wife and I both are grateful.
    Do Your Dreams, CurtyC

  20. FGreen says:

    I just ordered it as a birthday present for my girlfriend. That purple C-shape has CELEBRATE! written all over it. The We-Vibe can’t come soon enough!

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