What do you do when you need attention? Surveys show that overall, when people feel ignored and in need of attention they usually turn to anger and fits (like a toddler) to get the attention they are looking for. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best approach. Especially when the kind of attention you are looking for is physical. Because we all know physical attention is better with genuine care and intimacy – not coming from a place of hostility or sympathy. So how do you get the attention you need in the bedroom without throwing a fit, or making it too obvious that you are not getting what you want? But before hitting the tantrum button, and jumping to the conclusion that its your partners responsibility to fix any unsatisfied needs, make sure you can identify where the problem is stemming from…. Is the problem yours, or your parnters? Likely it is affecting you both, but where is it rooted? If you are having problems getting what you want in the bedroom it might be something you have to sort out on your own. Perhaps from personal insecurity or a lack of understanding of your own desires. But how do you know? Well, it can be as straight forward as asking yourself if there is anything your partner is not doing that you wish they would… One way to know


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