The couple that plays together stays together! There are endless ways to keep sex fresh and fun, from introducing a product like We-Vibe in the bedroom or adding some rules to love making. After all, a little play never hurt anyone.

Sexy Game NightHere are a few ideas to help you start “game-ifying” sex.

  1. Finger Doodling – Have your partner lie down on their stomach, and use your finger to spell a sex act on their back. If they guess what you’re writing, they’ve earned it as a reward. Rotate roles after every round.

  2. Sex in a Box – Peel down to your underwear and play a round of Twister to one of your favorite sexy songs. Here’s one time that you don’t have to worry about losing your balance – the sooner you both fall, the better.

  3. Lucky Six – Divide and secretly assign fantasies and activities to the numbers on your dice. When you roll a number, it’s time to bring the fantasy to life! Kick it up a notch by timing the round to the number you roll.

Both sex and gaming are plenty of fun, so why not put the two together with these gaming ideas? Pick your favorite, set a time this week and make a night out of it. Game Night just got a whole new meaning, so game on!


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  1. I love the sound of these games 🙂 It sure a lot of fun especially Finger Doodling and Sex in a Box. Between me and my partner, it’s I who’s always into this kind of stuff and she’s a bit restrained. But eventually she agrees, it just takes a bit of humility and more teasing!

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