Wedding season is upon us. As a result, many couples celebrate their anniversaries this month and 36% of couples report obligation as the only reason they have anniversary sex!

Couples want to be intimate but after years of more of the same they are looking for ways to keep their wedding anniversary fresh but are finding that limited budgets, time and energy often leave them short on inspiration.

Relationship expert Dr. Trina Read and author of “Till Sex Do Us Part” has a radical suggestion: couples should look to each other for stimulation on their wedding anniversary.

Trina says “The energy that powers the early stages of a relationship is based on a sense of mutual exploration and experimentation – the thrill that comes with trying something new. Couples first starting out are breaking their routines, they’re exploring together…That’s the kind of anniversary all couples should look to for inspiration, something that asks them to step into new territory as a couple.”

Instead of traditional anniversary presents, Dr. Read suggests that couples instead go with a gift that’s both romantic and adventurous and builds their intimate connection, such as the We-Vibe 3 – a vibrator that’s been expressly designed for couples.

“Giving your partner a couples’ vibrator not only shows interest in reconnecting sexually, it also sends a message about a renewed interest in sexual adventure,” she says. “You’re telling your partner, ‘There’s no one I’d rather do this with than you.’ That’s a powerfully romantic statement.”

To help couples get closer than ever, this summer, We-Vibe is offering a “Renew Your Wows” special on We-Vibe 3.

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