Happy Canada Day great white north! 

A proudly Canadian company, we here at We-Vibe would like to wish all of our Canadian friends, followers, fans and partners a very Happy Canada Day!

Although the We-Vibe is distributed all around the world, we continue to see monumental sales of the product here in our Canadian homeland. This sales-phenom prompted us to ask you last year what you thought made Canadians so frisky, and the poll came back saying that Canucks are just so innately sexy 😉  (check out the poll here)

So this year we want to know, whether you are from Canada or not, what is it about Canadians that you find sexy? Is it the accent? Our polite nature? Our ability to persevere through the bitter cold winters?

Share your thoughts in the comments below – there may just be a uniquely Canadian prize in it for you!


3 Responses to O’Canada! What makes you so…

  1. Pandora Prosper says:

    I think that as a Canadian, I tend to embrace the sensuality of our season change. My desire is piqued when those first little lime green shoots of grass poke their head up in the spring. It makes me want to roll around on warm, dark soil, listening to the returning red-winged blackbirds, spring peepers and my lover’s breath in my ear.
    Summer awakens a time of fertility in me – gardens become bountiful, flowers erupt into bloom, berries burst ripely on their vines. I am reminded of outdoor sex at cottages and campfire gropefests.
    The fall brings the bounty of the harvest, the blush of colour from the trees as they reveal themselves at their finest and then release their leaves in petit mort. Fall makes me remember the times when I have shuddered before surrender.
    Some people say what is there to love about winter? Winter makes for the best kind of loving…thrilling to the chill in the night air and realizing that the best way to cure winter blues is to get under the sheets with one (or more) friends and shake off the doldrums.
    So, for me, as a Canadian, seasonality helps to define us as a people who meet the challenges with resilient and always adventurous ways of coping with our weather.

  2. alison says:

    because they are relaxed. which mostly means they appreciate life. which in turn mean they appreciate love and beauty. how can those attributes not be attractive. plus, they are humans. and All humans are beautiful.

  3. Steph says:

    Canadians are sexy because we are NOT uptight about our sexual lives. Plus montreal is known for it’s beatifull women, no i’m not from mtl. Nothing sexier than a french canadian speaking english, love that accent. Oh and by the way Canada…. Every woman should have a we vibe and guys if she does not have one get her one she will never forget you;0)

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