The British Medical journal published survey results reporting that: overall older men are more sexually active, claim to have “good” sex lives, and regularly crave sex.

Based on this study, it appears women become significantly more sexually inactive as they age comparing 39% activity for men, to 17% for women in the same bracket. 

Ladies, there is clearly some work to be done.

Reseachers concluded that staying healthy is key to keeping sexually active as we age.

“This is a good reason to stay healthy and keep your partner healthy,” says lead researcher Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Chicago. “Sex is a really important issue, but we don’t take it into account when measuring quality of life. Now we can.”

Dr Ruth (aithor of Dr. Rith’s Sex After 50) weighed in on the results saying:

“People in relationships should continuing to have sex until the age of 99,” says Ruth Westheimer, “The older generation has to be reeducated that sex at later ages is not dirty or something to be laughed at, but to be cultivated.”

It sounds like women have a bit of catching up to do. As such, an important suggestion was made for single and sexually inactive women that they “should get a vibrator“.

Of course virbators can be used for couples as well to enhance their current sex lives to increase enjoyment and hopefully frequency by association.

More reasons to have more sex more often.

Read the full article by Denise Mann at MSN here


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