So it turns out that the old saying is true about keeping the doctor away…only replace apple with orgasm.

According to sex expert Dr. Ava, not only is sex good for your relationship and your mental health, but it has both short and long term physical health benefits!

“A regular dosage of sexual activity is recommended to maintain and promote your optimum health,” says Dr. Ava.

“For men, sexual release and orgasm have been associated with prevention of prostate cancer. For women, regular orgasms increase blood flow to and through their sexual organs keeping them active and in good working order.”

“Another healthy benefit of regular orgasm includes relief of stress and anxiety, which contributes to sounder sleeps, pain relief and overall longer and healthier living. Couples toys, like the We-Vibe, make it easier for partners to share intense orgasms simultaneously, which increases their sexual satisfaction and thus leads to a deeper intimacy AND healthier lives.”

Bottom line? An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away…sounds like therapy worth prescribing to.

Please support Dr. Ava’s ongoing sexual health research, by taking a few minutes to complete her orgasm survey here.

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