There’s no denying that sex feels better with lubricant as natural sensastions and stimulations from toys are intesified with the added moisture.

But going out to buy lube can be an overwhelming experience.

Colours and scents and flavours are the superficial choices, but what are the differences between oil, water, and silicone based lubes?

Always the helpful guide 🙂 here’s a quick fact sheet to help you make the right choice:

OIL based

  • use with polyurethane condoms ONLY
  • CANNOT be used with latex toys
  • water beads on contact
  • washes off with water and soap


WATER based

  • use with either polyurethane or latex condoms
  • can add water to get slippier
  • washes off with water



  • can be used polyurethane or latex condoms
  • cannot be used with silicone toys
  • does not dillute or wash off with water – so can be used in the shower 🙂


Bottom line, for the most versatility, stick to water-based if you plan on using any other toys or condoms and if you want to clean up quickly and easily.

Added bonus: it’s typically the cheapest!


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2 Responses to Keeping it Slippery – Oil? Water? or Silicone-based Lube?

  1. ashlin says:

    water- based lube…. sucks.
    silicone lube… so far… it sucks too.
    i have not found any lube other than J-lube that is really, really slippery.

    the only downfalls with J-lube is it is messy, hard to clean up… & if you do not add enough water, it becomes hard as a rock.

  2. Christopher says:

    I’ve been using grapeseed oil for two years as a lubricant with my wife; we just picked up the we-vibe and it calls for using water based lubricant. Can we use grapeseed oil with it? Or would using it void the warranty? Or which water based lubricant would you recommend using with the we-vibe?

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