This week brings exciting news for women everywhere! After a short fundraising campaign in support of the project, it has been announced that the production of a documentary capturing over 25 years of work from iconic sexual revolutionary Betty Dodson PhD is now confirmed!

The documentary will tell the story of the workshops that Betty, one of the world’s principal voices on women’s health and sexual liberation – not to mention the woman who introduced the electric vibrator as a pleasure device to the American market – ran from her New York City apartment for over two and a half decades.

The “bodysex workshops” were two-day sessions made up of a small circle of women who would explore feelings about their bodies and about sex. The groups grew out of the feminist movement, and catered to all kinds of women seeking to better understand their bodies and their sexuality including celebrities, dignitaries, career women and housewives.

Betty is a true revolutionary, who has dedicated a lifetime to helping women gain true self-acceptance. Her goal was and still is to liberate female sexuality, and well, we think that is just outstanding!

So outstanding in fact that we just had to get involved! In hopes of helping to advance and preserve Betty’s work and philosophy, We-Vibe has backed the documentary with a donation.

We can’t wait to until the launch this fall, and in the meantime – here is to female sexual liberation everywhere!

To learn more about the project visit Betty Dodson’s Bodysex Group or


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